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Related post: Date: Sun, 31 Mar preteen tight tits 2002 09:54:01 -0800 (PST) From: Tom Purser Subject: Order of Light 3Disclaimer: I don't know any of the celebrities mentioned in this story, so I don't know what any of their sexual preferences are. This is totally fiction, meaning it's thong preteens FAKE none of it is real, except the boyband N'SYNC. As usual if you ain't 18 or older don't read this, and if you're offended by homosexual acts...why are you here? In any case enjoy the story.Author's Note: J.C.'s thoughts are in preteen cum drinkers the 's, Lances are in the (,)'s and Justin's are in the *'s. any future thought signs will be noted as they come up. Several people have e-mailed me stating that this story is a preteen sex piks lot like "Powers that be". It does have a few ideas from there, and I have talked to Tim and agreed that I will give him credit for those ideas. In the frist few chapters there are certian fresh slut preteen things that bear underage preteen cums close resemblance to "Powers that be", I won't go to hot pretty preteens list all of them as models preteen pussies that erotic preteen chat would cause this to be longer, but everyone that's read "powers that be" knows what those ideas are, yes those ideas did come from Tim, but I assure you that once more and more chapters come out those ideas will play a smaller part in the story and it won't seem so much like the other story. Thank you for your time. I would also like to apoligize to Tim, I'm sorry I didn't ask you first if I could preteen nymphetts use your ideas. Well, this has been longer than normal, here is the story guys!Last time...JC replied, "Yes Oracle." He motioned to us and we left. A real preteen amateur moment later JC exited the big door and said gallerys model preteen to me, "We are allowed to finish your training. We have a mission though. It seems there's a nest of vampires in L.A. that Oracle wants us to clean out."And now Chapter 3..."Vampire nest? That shocking nonude preteens should be easy." I said."It's not as easy as you might think. Vampires are hard lil' buzzards preteen girl modelz to kill! Like cockroaches!" Chris explained."Huh? How is that? young preteen blonde All you gotta do is stake them in the heart or pour holy water on them. Right? Or you could just attack in the daytime and throw the vamps outside in the sunlight." I replied."Forget all the Hollywood crap. Vampires are harder to kill than that. You hold up a cross to a vamp and they'll just shove it up your ass. Sunlight only kills vamps illegal erotica preteen that weren't born vampires. Holy water doesn't do a thing; besides get them perteen preteen wet and piss them off. The only way to kill gallery preteen girl a vampire preteen ls cunts that was born a vampire is to burn it, or cut of its head." JC stated."Oh bbs preteen exchange well, that does make things slightly more difficult." I said. JC drew something in the air and a portal appeared. The guys walked through the portal followed by preteen dog me. When I emerged on the other side sick to my stomach, I said, "I am really beginning asian preteen girls to dislike those portals! I say next time we take the bus." Which caused Chris and Joey to break out in a fit of laughter. We were back in the training center. I asked, " When are we going to clean preteens 15yo nude out this nest?""In about an hour, at noon, that gives us time preteen porn galleries to come up with a plan, and teach you the basics of using weapons." JC replied. He then walked over to the wall and pick up 2 swords and threw one to me. I walked preteen picks over to the sparring mat, and put up my shield and JC did the same. He taught me a little on sword fighting, and told me that I should aim for the neck if I am fighting a vamp. We sparred a bit, he was fast, but I was able to keep up with him. We decided that we had to come up with a plan, preteen pussy play so JC and I put the swords preteen underage thai back on the wall, and preteenphotos nude we all sat at the kitty preteen sexy bar in the corner."Ok, this is an abandoned building that nude model preteen the vamps are using for a squat. There are only 2 doors one in the front and one in the back, from the information given to us by the elders we know that there are 2 pure bred nonnude preteens board vamps, a Dolvos demon, and several vamps that were turned. If the house is raided at least 2 young preteen perals of the vamps can flee. So, Justin, you and Tom take the back, Josh and I will take the front, Chris you wet preteen slut take the right side, and Joey you take the left. If any of the pure breeds leave you call for back up on the radio." Lance explained. "Any questions?" He asked. Everybody shook their head no. "Ok, let's get moving then." We all got up and walked into the locker room to get changed.*Man, I get to see that body of Tom's again! WOOHOO! * We changed and all the time Justin amature nude preteens watched me change. "Now I know that boy likes what he sees, maybe after we get this thing cleaned out I'll approach him about it." I thought. We left the locker room and Lance drew something in the air and a portal appeared. "Ugh! Another portal? Can't we take a car anywhere?" I complained. The guys walked threw the portal and I followed reluctantly. Once on the other side I noticed a run down building that looked like no one could live there. Well, that was probably the point; no one does live there. We were dressed in black cargo pants, black shirt, and a black trench coat. "Very Matrixy." I stated. I had a machete, JC and Lance had swords, Justin had this thingy he would throw and it would act like a boomerang nonude preteen pussy and cut off the heads of vamps, Chris had a dagger, and Joey didn't have anything. preteen rape photos "Hey Joey, why ain't you got any weapons?" I asked."Because I don't need preteens models toples them." Joey replied turning his hand into a blade."Ahh! Good point!" I bbbs preteen models said. We took our positions around the house, and Lance gave the signal for Justin and I to enter the house. We walked up to the door and it pre teenie panties was locked. Wanting to be stealthy naturalist pre teen about this I just grabbed Justin's hand turned us into water and went preteen models modeling under the door. We went back to our human form on the preteen in bath other side of the door. Justin nudist forum preteen was obviously stunned that I could candid preteen jailbait do that, black preteen cunts so I just whispered to him that we had a job to do and I would explain later. We walked threw the back of the house checking all the rooms. The first 2 had nothing in them. We got to the third one and carefully opened the door. On the other side were 3 vamps playing cards. I walked in followed by Justin and raised my hand; shooting three fireballs at them, turning them to ash. We walked out of that room and onto the next. Justin carefully opened preteen sister bikini the door and on the other 4 vamps preteen ukrainian nudist lie in wait, he walks in gets attacked by 2 vamps. He kicks one of them off of him and blows the preteen preteen young other away with cotton panty preteen a gust of wind. The other two vamps attack me and I blow both away with a gust of wind, to hot preteens and pull out my machete. I chopped one of their heads of and the vamp turns to nonenude preteen model ash. I turn around and shoot a fireball at preteen illegal underage the other killing it. Justin threw his little boomerang thing and lopped off the heads of the other 2 vamps and they turn to dust. We walk out of that room and hear a preteen kiss pics noise. It was Lance and JC entering through the front door. So preteen hard porn much for stealthy! I walk toplist preteen hardcore up loltia preteen sex to the next door and kick it in. There's the Dolvos demon waiting to attack. I walk in and it jumps up and attacks me, biting me. I scream out in pain, because it burns like acid. Justin yells for help and shoots lightening at the demon frying it. He rushes to my side and asks me if I'm ok. I replied, "No, I just got bit and it burns!" Lance enters the room now and asks what's wrong."The Dolvos demon bit him!" Justin yells. Lance runs over and tries preteen kiddie sex to heal me, but fails."I can close the wound but he's been injected with a poison. The dolvos demon's saliva is poisonous to humans." Lance explained. "We preteen models possing need to get him back to the training center so we can administer an antidote. JC, Chris, and Joey come in and cindymodel com preteen say that the place is clean they finished killing the vamps. "What's wrong with Tom?" Chris preteen young list asked."He's been poisoned!" Justin replied. "Help me get him up! JC open a portal home!" Joey helps Justin pick me up and JC opens the portal, we walk through the portal. We are back in the myusenet preteens banned training center."It hurt. ARG!" I yell. "What's gonna preteen child pics happen to me?""Well if we don't get the antidote in you russian preteen voyeur soon you could die." Lance replied."No! He won't die, not yet! Just get the antidote!" Justin illegals pics preteens yelled. preteen rusan kids Joey and Justin took me into a room and put me on a preteen just panties bed. Joey left to help Lance with the antidote. Justin stayed by my side."Justin." I weakly said. "Come here Justin." preteen closeup Justin walks over to the bed and kneels down."What's the matter Tom?" Justin asks. I put my hand ls amateur preteen behind his neck and bring his face to perverted preteen nymphets mine and kiss him on the preteen geallery lips gently, he nudie movies preteen responds by kissing me back. We stop and my head falls to the bed as I fall fast asleep. preteen beaches Justin kisses me gently again and gets up. Lance comes into the room with the antidote."I got the antidote! Tom should be russian preteen naturists okay once we get this into him!" Lance stated. He walks up to the side of the bed and wakes me. "Here drink this it will counteract the poison." I lean forward and drink the antidote. Yuck this stuff is horrible! I feel the poisons stop working and my muscles starting to uncramp. I raise my head and Lance steps aside as Justin rushes up to the side of the bed and give me shameless preteens a big hug and kiss. We kiss passionately as Lance leaves the room. We release the kiss."I thought you liked what you saw in the locker room!" I exclaimed."YOU SAW ME?!" Justin replied embarrassed."Yea, it was sex preteen naturist only obvious that you were 12yo preteen girls gawking!" I stated. "But who cares? I like you too!" I then kissed him passionately again, letting his tongue slip into my mouth and caress my tongue as we kissed. We stopped kissing and preteen girls nauty Justin said, "So, what does this european preteen models mean?""It means I really like you and you really like me, so why not date. Duh! Am I gonna have to spell everything out?" I chuckled."You wanna date? Well, I dunno could be problems...O what the hell your too cute to say no to!" Justin replied. He then jumped into the bed and snuggled next to me. We fell asleep in each other's arms.The next morning I abby model preteen awoke with this heavy feeling on my chest. sweet young preteen I preteen art drawings looked down and there was Justin's lollita preteen gallery head on my chest sleeping like a little angel. He looked so sweet and innocent just laying there sleeping. He opened his eyes and said, "Little angel huh?""What? How'd you know what I was thinking? Oh yeah! That whole mind reading thing." I said. "Ya'll gotta teach me how to do that!""Well, it's 15 preteen art not that hard, just concentrate on someone's mind and their thoughts will come to naked preteens pictures you." Justin explained. I focused in on his mind and he thought, "See, not that hard is it?""That's so cool!" I exclaimed. My stomach growled. "I think we should go get something to eat. Come on.""Oh man! I hate preteen girl blowjob mornings!" Justin exclaimed as he reluctantly climbed preteen pics samples out of bed. We made our way downstairs and Justin showed me to the kitchen, explaining that when they stayed in LA this is were they stayed. Justin poured 2 bowls preteens porn fucking of cereal. We sat down and ate playing footsie under the table. Lance and JC came out of a room together hugging. I looked at them funny. JC and Lance immediately stopped hugging."Lance it's okay! Remember you told me agreed with me when I said that Justin wild preteen nude was hot in my mind the other day! I just didn't think preteen pics breast that you and JC were a couple!" I started to laugh. JC and Lance relaxed preteen nude children a little bit and came into the kitchen and got some breakfast they cuddled while they ate their fruity pebbles. "How ironic." I thought. Chris and Joey soon came down the stairs and looked at us."Oh man! I thought he was gonna even up the straight population in the group!" they both said then started laughing. "Well at least him and Justin make a cute couple." I blushed at the compliment. "And he blushes almost as much as Justin!" Now it was Justin's turn to blush. We looked in each other's nymphet preteen paradise eyes and Justin winked. We both turned and shot water preteen cameltoe pics at the 2 soaking them as they screamed due to the sudden shock. preteen young boys The other four of us busted up laughing. We were growing together and preteen girls softcore bonding already. I knew then that everything was flat preteen tgp going to be cool. I preteen blog nude looked at Justin, winked and mouthed the words, " I love you" he blushed and mouthed the words, "Me too."That's it for this chapter. More to come there's the romance. Hope ya'll liked the story so preteen sex voyeur far. Keep reading. E-mail preteen teen picture me or you can AIM me diablo19666 If you're just going to e-mail me about how much this preteens girls upskirts story is like "powers that be" please don't I already best x preteen know.
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